Dua Remixes

June 21, 2023

Revisiting the Dua mini-album for a new EP, Sine has invited a talented trio of remixers to apply their individual spin on tracks drawn from the album and the results are collected on ‘Dua Remixes’, which is set for release by Injazero on February 17th.

“I think remixes are a great way to see how other artists re-imagine your work,” offers Sine. “It opens up other creative possibilities, breathes new life into the existing tracks and ends up flicking a switch in my brain.”The resulting EP is transcontinental in scope and ambitious in depth.“I wanted to approach three artists who I really admire,” explains Sine of her choice of remixers. “I was excited to see what their approach would be, and I’m thrilled with the result.

Each artist brought their unique singular vision to the original versions.”First up comes Nairobi-based sound artist and experimental ambient musician Joseph Kamaru. As KMRU he takes the already gentle swells of ‘Elegy’ and strips them back into the gentlest sigh of a track.“The piece unfolded from its title, 'Elegy’,” explains Joseph. “I approached the composition as a reflection and weaved sounds that imbue this feeling - droney repetitions, organ sounds and field recordings from cathedrals.”Berlin-based Turkish electronic music composer Hüma Utku repurposes the dark, industrial undertow of ‘Only Breath’ and delves deeper into sinister soundscape territory with an intense version that flickers with a Vangelis-like sheen.

“My version of ‘Only Breath’ contemplates on the simple and meditative nature of breathing while investigating its fatal urgency for the human body and spirit” offers Hüma. “The piece stretches time like a slow-motion dive following a single deep inhalation.”Acclaimed Guatemalan cellist and composer Mabe Fratti unpicks the upbeat melodies of ‘The Bazaar’ and packs them into a brooding pulsating cut that would thrill the darker edges of the dancefloor."I tried to focus on the rhythmical nature of the track and develop that with the cello, echo and synths,” says Mabe. “I had a lot of fun trying to discover a way to remix, because for me it's like building a puzzle with the given pieces.”The EP is completed by ‘Gazel (Villette Remix)’ from Sinemis herself. The track is a gentle beat-driven take on the soothingly warm, beatless original album version.